Urban Forest operate a seasonal (April - October) after school club for children of 5-11 years of age, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays during term time.


The sessions will be led by qualified Forest School leaders. There will be a maximum of 15 children partaking in each session. Staff are DBS checked and hold a pediatric first aid qualification.

Location: - Waterlow Park Nature Reserve (Highgate Hill, Highate, N6 5HD)

Days: -       Tuesdays and Wednesdays (Term time only, in line with Camden school calendar)

Times: -     4.00pm - 6.00pm

Note: -       Urban Forest provide a pick up service from Brookfield Primary School on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and escort the children to our site within Waterlow Park.

If you are interested in Urban Forest after school club and your child does not attend Brookfield Primary School, they are still welcome to attend though this will require you to bring your child to our site for a 4.00pm arrival.

Collection is from our site within Waterlow Park Nature reserve close to the tennis courts. Please

collect your child promptly by 6.00pm.

Inline with the councils requirements we must be off site shortly after. Please see map for details.

A healthy snack and water will be provided.


Activities might include: - Mini den building, woodland crafts, team games, camp fire, whittling,

nature hunts and local wildlife habitat exploration.

What your child will need to wear: - Protective clothing to reduce the risk of any scratches or

stings, please provide covered footwear such as wellington boots or hiking boots, long sleeve tops and trousers, preferably waterproofs,  coat, hat, scarf and gloves in cold weather, sun hat and sun cream in hot sunny weather, waterproof overalls in wet weather. If you can please provide your child with the above in a bag to allow them to change once we arrive on site. Children will have access to the public toilets within Waterlow Park and our onsite camping toilet tent.

Urban Forest operate in most weathers, we will only cancel a session if the park's authorities instruct us to do so due to extreme weather conditions. This is to ensure the children and members of staff are kept safe at all times.


Please take into consideration that our site is within a public park therefore we can not lock either entrance gates nor prevent members of the public from accessing our site though we do display signage on entrance gates. All children will be made aware of this within our welcome brief at the start of each session. To ensure safety at all times should a member of the public approach the site a member of our staff will introduce themselves and advice the public there is an after school club session taking place within the nature reserve. Should the member of the public remain on site but not cause a threat all members of staff will remain vigilant and carry out a constant visual risk assessment. In the event the member of the public displays any threat to the children, we will evacuate the area and proceed to a new location within the park. We will record and inform the park keepers and Camden council.


Each of our sessions are designed to promote environmental awareness, stimulate imagination, encourage sustainability, creativity and investigation through activities such as den building and natural art.

We listen to the interest and needs of the children, their ideas are developed and implemented throughout each session and into future sessions, further igniting the children’s interest and giving them a deeper knowledge and understanding of their natural environment through fun activities. 

It teaches the children to learn and develop social skills, self-motivation, team building, self-confidence, empathy and self-esteem whilst exploring the natural environment and most importantly having fun.