Location: - Waterlow Park Nature Reserve, Highgate Hill, Highgate, N6 5HD

Days: -       Tuesdays and Wednesdays - Term time only, in line with Camden school calendar.

Times: -     4.00pm - 6.00pm

Please note: 

We operate a seasonal (April - October) after school club for children ages 5-11 years every Tuesdays and Wednesdays during term time.

There's a maximum of 15 children partaking in each session. 

Please see the map for details.


To ensure compliance with Covid-19 we have had to make some changes "highlighted in red" 

on how we operate our sessions.

If parents/carers could kindly wait by the wooden fence for drop off and collection ensuring to 

always adhere to social distance guidelines of 1+ metre, your child/ren will be collected from you

at drop off by a member of the team and will be individually guided to you with verbal consent at

collection. If an older sibling or another responsible adult who is not on your child/ren’s consent

form is collecting them, please inform us in advance before the start of the session.

Please collect your child promptly by 6.00 pm as in line with the council's requirements we must be

off-site shortly after.

Any child attending will need to bring their own "clearly marked" water bottle, and a small healthy

snack should they wish - though please no nuts.

Please Note: That due to the current uncertainty surrounding Covid-19 we may be forced to close unexpectedly and though this is completely out of our control we will do our utmost to maintain communication throughout. 

Activities might include - Mini den building, woodland crafts, team games, campfire, whittling,

nature hunts and local wildlife habitat exploration.

What your child will need to wear: -

Protective clothing to reduce the risk of scratches or stings.

-Please provide covered footwear such as wellington boots or hiking boots.

-Long sleeve tops and trousers, waterproofs if possible.  

-Coat, hat, scarf and gloves in cold weather, waterproof overalls in wet weather.

-Sun hat and sun cream in hot sunny weather.

Children have access to our onsite camping toilet tent and the public toilets within Waterlow Park.

Urban Forest operates in most weathers, we will only cancel a session if the park's authorities instruct us to do so due to extreme weather conditions. This is to ensure the children and members of staff are kept safe at all times.


Please take into consideration that our site is within a public park therefore we can not lock either entrance gates or prevent members of the public from accessing our site though we do display signage on entrance gates. All children will be made aware of this within our welcome brief at the start of each session. To ensure safety at all times should a member of the public approach the site a member of our staff will introduce themselves and advise the public there is an after school club session taking place within the nature reserve. Should the member of the public remain on site but not cause a threat all members of staff will remain vigilant and carry out a constant visual risk assessment. In the event the member of the public displays any threat to the children, we will evacuate the area and proceed to a new location within the park. We will record and inform the park keepers and Camden council.